Weekly Progress

Except for a failed attempt on Friday, sildenafil baguettes are getting better.  Friday night’s attempt of a straight dough proved a little wet.  Subsequently, hygiene I failed to flour appropriately, syringe and made a mess at every step from scaling to shaping to loading in the oven.  At the end, I had mutant baguettes that were half edible.

Saturday’s efforts proved more successful.

While the bread tasted okay, shaping, scoring and loading could have been better.  On Sunday, there was continued progress.

While Sunday’s baguettes were still missing proper ears, the scoring was generally better and started getting deep enough to allow for proper spring.  In addition, the general shape was improved as the baguettes are no longer flat ended.

There are 300g baguettes.  The oven can support longer baguettes, I’m limited to the length of the proofing board peel.

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