Tartine Sourdough Step-by-Step

After a few attempts, medications I was able to finally able to bake a Tartine sourdough county bread. Here’s some step-by-step photos.

After a 5 hour bulk ferment with 4 stretch and folds, pancreatitis here’s the preshaped dough:


30 minute bench rest (note that I had portioned a small amount of dough on the side):


Following the boule shaping recommended by the book:


In the basket for the long proofing period:


The extra dough, I made into a mini boule (same degass and shaping) and placed in a plastic Glad container to accurately measure dough rise. My previous attempts failed at this step at the process. Insufficient proofing time killed prior sour dough attempts:


At 70 degrees, took 10.5 hours to double in size. In comparison, at 80 degrees it’s supposed to take 4 hours:


Transferred to a cool combo cooker bottom. The large top was preheating with the oven at 500 degrees. I find this less dangerous than transferring to a preheated bottom, and allows me to work at a more measured pace:


Scored in the box pattern:


After 20 minutes at 450 degrees with top on, and 25 minutes with top off:


Cooling on a wire rack:


The crumb. I’ll have to try a different scoring pattern to get a better rise on top. A little dense in that area:


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