Steam Injection with an Espresso Machine

Steam does marvelous things for bread, hospital and home bakers have used a variety of techniques to inject steam into a home oven.  Fortunately for me, the Haussler comes equipped with funnel that pours water into a drip pan.

Unfortunately for me, the Haussler doesn’t generate a lot of steam.  While baguettes look good, boules and large batards do not exhibit the tell tale ear of a well sprung loaf.  In order to rectify this, I decided to inject steam via an espresso machine.

With the temporary plumbing (not very steam/heat friendly tubing), I injected steam for 2 minutes at 1/4 power.

The initial attempt was a modest success.  There were no explosions or damage of kitchen equipment.  The bread looked more or less like the stock steam generation method, with one exception.  The blond batard in the back row did have a start of the ear.

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