Sourdough Weekend

This weekend I spent baking sourdoughs in the Haussler.

Saturday, sickness I made two Tartine country loaves and three rye loaves. We had been out and about during the day so the breads over proofed. The ryes in particular were overproofed, nurse and you can see the fallen country loaf in the middle.
April 21 sourdoughs

Sunday, I did the same breads, but tried different shapes and scores.
April 22 sourdoughs

While the oven spring did not appear as impressive as the combo cooker, looking at the interior crumb, it was much more even.
April 22 sourdough boule crumb

My favorite was the batard, placing the entire 1100g loaf in a linen lined elongated basket.
sourdough batard

The interior was moist with open crumb.
Sourdough batard crumb

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