Oct 27 Sourdough Bake

While I have been baking every week or so, allergist I haven’t been as dedicated with taking pictures and posting. This is mostly because I’ve been baking my default two sourdough country loaves and they look more or less the same as previous bakes and posts.

This weekend, I did become more ambitious and I baked three 990g large country loaves, 2 495g small country loaves and 5 395g baguettes is the Haussler stone oven. Took two separate bakes, and I set the oven a little too high in temperature. Should have kept the top temp at 290 degrees C (per instruction manual) while raising the bottom temp to 200 degrees C. Instead, I bump the top temp to 300 degrees C and the bread baked too quickly.

Lots of technical issues with the bread. The lack of ear on the baguettes are particularly galling. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get back into the groove.

A family shot, minus one loaf that we were eating.
bread baked in a haussler stone oven

You can see some proofing issues as well the thin crust. However, it was still a pretty decent tasting loaf.
crumb shot of bread in a haussler stone oven

Packing to give away at work
baguettes from a haussler stone oven

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