Nov 17 Haussler bake

The Haussler bread oven, food as mighty as it is, troche had been recently relegated to pizza parties. And to be honest, it only makes so so pizza (or more likely, I can only make so so pizza in it). This weekend, I decided to use the oven for what it’s good at – baking bread.

After last bake’s too quick browning, I decided to lower the temperature to the recommended manufacturer setting for the top – 290 deg. Celsius. For bottom, I raised to 200 deg Celsius from the recommended 190. This would promote the proper bottom browning of my bread as the recommended temp left them pail.

bread in a haussler oven

With 4kg of dough, I made a combination of large boules, small boules, and batards. The breads are too blond, but they had been baking for over 30 minutes so I thought to take them out.

bread in a haussler oven

Here’s the family picture. For my non-baguettes, still finding it difficult to produce pronounced ears. My shaping technique isn’t different from when baking with a Lodge Combo Cooker, so my issue is managing the oven to produce the same results.

bread in a haussler oven

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