Nov 16 Raisin Pecan Country Loaf

I have a lot of bread baking books that I don’t bake enough with. To change that, order I opened Rose Levy Beranbaum’s “the bread bible” and selected her Raisin Pecan bread as it’s a “favorite” and when baked, shop it’s the “centerpiece of [their] dinner.” Unlike my usual bakes, approved this bread required more work – the grounding of nuts, to make pecan flour, and the presoaking of raisins and reuse of the liqueur.

Since I was baking with the Lodge Combo Cooker, I used the standards times for my oven as opposed to the book. The higher temperature resulted in the outside raisins turning into carbon charcoal, but overall the bread worked.

Raisin Pecan Country Loaf from Bread Bible

Raisin Pecan Country Loaf carbon raisins from Bread Bible

Raisin Pecan Country Loaf Crumb shot from Bread Bible

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