July 1 Morning Bun

Not surprisingly, the number #1 Google search for morning bun recipe takes you to Tartine’s recipe.  I’ve had Tartine’s morning buns and can confirm that they are quite delicious.  While my first attempts were fair, surgery they were far from Tartine’s or any professional bakeries’ product.

This weekend, I decided to use Reinhart’s “artisan breads every day” croissant recipe.  Because the doughs are all designed to go into the fridge to proof, it works well for me.  What didn’t work well was my inability to read the instructions (and to do mental math).

With the 200g of leaven, I made the croissant dough but failed to add any milk.  During mixing, the dough was too dry and I eyeballed some water to allow it to come together.  The dough was stiff, almost like pasta dough – far from any bread dough.  I hadn’t realized that I miss read the recipe, so I just threw it in the fridge as is.

The next day, I made the morning buns.  Again I used my lazy lamination technique, and with the cool pasta like dough, the lamination went along quite well.  One book fold and 3 envelope folds later, I was looking at 54 layers.  Don’t know how people get more layers without the dough tearing.  I don’t have solar hands for sure.

From here I used Tartine’s recipe and set the oven to 375 degrees.  After rolling the buns, I placed them into large muffin tins and allowed for a 1.5 hour proof.  The buns baked for 25 minutes (Tartine says 45), and they come out flaky and tender.

Morning buns

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