Haussler Electric Stone Bread Oven

My home bread making has taken a significant leap forward.  Thanks to Marcel for introducing me to a stone oven, suitable for in home use – the Haussler electric stone bread oven.  The downside of the oven is that there are no US distributors, so Marcel had to order directly from Germany.  After many weeks at sea and a few weeks at the port of Oakland, it’s now sitting in my garage ready for installation.

To be able to bake 9 loaves at once …

13 thoughts on “Haussler Electric Stone Bread Oven

  1. Ben Johnson

    Hello, would you recommend one of these ovens? You say it bakes 9 loaves at once but what dough weight are the loaves I’m based in the UK.

    1. don Post author

      Hi Ben,

      The internal dimension of the Haussler is 27″w x 27.5″d. I can easily fit six 500g batards staggered or six 400g baguettes side by side without over crowding. I’m limited by my peel as I like to do one single load. The Haussler web site notes nine 750g loaves for the Stone Oven INO, but that’s some very efficient loading.

      In retrospect, the smaller Primus might have been better for me. The 1m x 1m floor space required by the Stone Oven INO is not something to overlook. If there is one complaint, it’s that steam is provided by a spout to heated pan system. Not as decadent as a true steam injection system.

      Other than that, been quite happy with the oven and the bread that it bakes. I then use the residual heat for pastries or cookies, which is quite nice.


  2. Olga Smith

    Hi Don, I am thinking about buying this oven (probably smaller one though). Looks like you’ve had this oven for quite some time now. Any issues with it? Are you getting the results you hoped for? I checked their website, and it says it’s 400 V/3 phase AC. Is that what you have with your oven or was yours special order? I saw these offered by
    and it says, it’s 220 V. I am confused. Would appreciate your feedback. Also, do you have any pictures of bread baked in your Haussler oven?

    1. don Post author

      Hi Olga,

      Sorry for the late reply, WordPress issues.

      I have not had any issues with the Haussler INO oven, and have started using it to bake pizzas. At the recommended temperature, bake times are 8 minutes for me and makes solid pies. For me, a smaller Haussler would make sense as well as a 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter oven is a lot of space. The issue with the smaller oven is I’d most like bake boules, and at that point would most likely bake with a dutch oven.

      In general, I’m happy with the Haussler. As mentioned in previous comments and posts, the one thing I’m not thrilled about is the steam tray system. Need something better to emulate the deck ovens I’ve used. The breads from the Haussler does not have as much ear as my breads from a deck oven. But crumb and taste are still good.

      For breads baked with the Haussler, please review the baguettes and batards on my WordPress site. Those are all made with using the Haussler. I did do a bake of sourdough boules with the Haussler on weekend too.

      The Hausslers are 400V or 230V (that’s what my manual says), and I had ordered the 230V version as it’s US bound.

  3. Kathleen Busche


    I’m wondering if you have any more thoughts on the Haussler oven ? Pleasant hill grains is now distributing them in the US. Before I invest in one, I ‘d really like to talk with people who have used one.

    1. don Post author

      Hi Kathleen,

      It’s great to see that Pleasant Hill Grains is carrying the Haussler ovens. I am happy with the oven, although the INO is quite large. It does require a decent amount of electricity so I only fire it up when I have large bakes. As such, it doesn’t see as much use as it should. Although, if I decide to sell bread at a farmer’s market, I’ll be all set.

      One lackluster feature is the steam tray. It’s a drip pan system, and doesn’t generate that much steam. Another method of steam introduction is needed if you really want to maximize bread quality.

  4. Seong

    Bravo for your website; I am staying in the Alps and I am baking with a stone in my electric oven. I want to buy the Haussler MONO oven and I have a question about baguettes : when you bake baguettes are they crispy?
    Do you bake other items in the Haussler oven (meat, vegetables, etc ?

    Have a nice day and again thank you for your beautiful website.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Seong,

      Baking in the Alps sounds fantastic. Baguettes in the Haussler are crispy, though it’s noticeably different than a production oven. I think it has more to due with my technique (or lack thereof) then anything else. My Haussler baguettes’ crust is thinner and I don’t have as pronounced ears in comparison to a production oven.

      The times when I don’t have crispy ovens is when oven temps were too high, and the bake times were too short. I don’t think that enough moisture was baked out of the bread, so after resting a little bit the crust will get soft. The times when I get approx. 25 minute bakes, the crust is significantly better.



  5. Pearl


    I too am looking to purchase a Haussler oven. I would like to replicate the kind of steam injection that you get when using a production oven, so I was disappointed to hear that you found it lacking. Can you tell me more? What do you think the problems with the design are? Have you tried misting the inside of the oven before the bake?

    Thanks so much,

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Pearl,

      The Haussler’s steam system is a drip tray, similar to some WFO designs. It’s not steam injection and doesn’t provide enough steam for the internal cavity of the oven. I have not tried misting nor have I tried the steam towel method. Misting is probably the most popular method for WFOs so it should work well with the Haussler.




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