SFBI and the Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education

Please sign the SFBI petition on Change.org to allow SFBI to remain open.  For many of us who have attended SFBI’s courses, drugs the email today from Michel Suas was quite surprising.

To All SFBI Family Members, order

I know Christmas and the holidays decoration are red, stomach guess what we got?!!

Red Tape from Sacramento!

Yea, according to the Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education our SFBI program is not approved by them or up to the standard making me a “Public Offender”. So we have to shut down the school until they review our program and services we offer. I am so much in disbelief that I don’t want to fight for it. I already gave so much SFBI; my frustration is over the limit of my generosity.

If you believe SFBI was important for you email me the reasons why we should stay open that could make the Bureau change their minds. Since they ordered to shut down our webpage please cc the email to Michel@tmbbaking.com, in case they can get SFBI email. Whatever the outcome I get, the best time was running SFBI and seeing the joy of the people attending the classes and some evolution in the industry with great products.

Thank you for your support it was a fun “rise”!

Best Regards and Happy Red Holiday!

Michel Suas

Owner and Founder

PS. Someone was right 2012 was the end of the world for me!!

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