Bread Oven and the Combo Cooker Comparison

A couple weekends of baking with the stone bread oven and I’m getting the hang of it.  While it doesn’t generate the intensity of steam as a commercial deck oven (or even cast iron pan and ice), ask it does maintain a very even temperature.  As the result, no rx the spring is more pronounced in the breads I’m making compared to the Lodge combo cooker.

Here’s the everyday boule with a combo cooker:

Everyday Boule Combo Cooker

Here’s the everyday boule made with the stone oven:

Everyday Boule Stone Oven

In the white boule, the spring was a little crazy.  Showed off my imperfect technique.  In the combo cooker/gas oven version, the slower rise led to a more uniformed if not as well risen shape.

As for the everyday whole wheat boule, here’s the combo cooker version:

everyday whole wheat boule combo cooker

The following is the everyday whole wheat baked in the bread oven:

Everyday whole wheat stone bread oven

Again, significant more rise from the bread oven.  The crust is not as dark nor as thick, but the bread was lighter given more spring.  Guess I’ll need to practice my boule shaping though.  It’s not as good as I thought.

Here’s a parting shot of the close-up of the whole wheat boule from the bread oven:

Everyday whole wheat close-up

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