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November 17 Sourdough batards

Our friends also had a newborn in recent weeks and we arranged to meet up today.  I had baked some sourdough batards to give to our friends (parents with newborns need ready made food), healthful but unfortunately we cancelled on them.  Our daughter’s eating is taking too long, which makes long excursions impossible.

Note the slight overproof in the crumb cross section.  Also, with the stone bread oven, I’m not able to get a pronounced ear on my batards.   At least I have more work to do.

Pain au Chocolat

Another fine use for laminated dough is pain au chocolat.  I’ve been making mine with semi-sweet chocolate and rotating between using an egg wash and not.

pain au chocolat from the oven

The egg wash does provide a nice sheen, gerontologist and is more professional in appearance.  However, ailment for homemade versions, I don’t find it necessary.  Okay, that’s really an excuse.  The real reason is that I’m usually too eager to eat and I forget the wash on most occasions.

pain au chocolat unwashed

Luk Chup Bread

Traditionally, luk chup are shaped into miniature replicas of Thailand’s tropical fruit – mangoes, erectile mangosteens, peppers, papayas, and oranges.  Later, cherries and strawberries were added to the mix.  Because I lacked food coloring and I’ve been baking a decent amount, I made bread shaped luk chup.

luk chup